HERE WE GO AGIAN! Year 3 and we are back! Its 25 years of DJ Times DJ Expo and we brought the crew out to celebrate! Guest appearances by DJ Sojo, DJ Dramadik, Jay Ski, DJ Hitman, Chris Karns, Mel Star, Dj Cutlas, Serifin, Eyecon, DJ Flip & More!

Produced by DJ Sojo
Filmed by Kellie Berrios, Bryan Johnson & Anthony Sojo
Song 1 – War Song – DJ Sojo
Song 2 – New School Sound, Old School Vibe – DJ Sojo
Song 3 – Star wars remix – ” Captured live, Artist unknown”
Song 4 – Trapped in a corner- DJ SOJO
Song 5 – Deja Vu 2016 – DJ Sojo

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